Can we really trust AI?

When thinking about developing AI technologies, it is vital to not only look at the technical perspectives but it is also important to explore other perspectives while dealing with AI technologies which are susceptible to generate bias. Personally speaking, the way AI is currently implemented in every aspect such as advertisement, online recruitment, financial services, securities and many more can lead to inequalities.

Hence, it gives rise to the practical and larger political critiques, arguing that it’s not just that the technology is faulty, even if it works ubiquitously and accurately, it would infringe dangerously on people’s liberties and personal…

Is AI Just or Unjust?

Nowadays, AI could facilitate autonomous operations in each and every sectors, but is human able to use those AI technologies in right way? Here, I want to explore more about AI used in LAWS(Lethal Autonomous Military Systems) especially on robots used in the military. Moreover, this article will throw light on the ‘Just’ and ‘Unjust’ algorithms and will reveal two faces of the autonomous technology as ‘Boon’ or ‘Bane’ depending upon the conduct of use and ethics. …

Coded Bias is about exploring the fallout of MIT Media Lab Researcher Joy Buolamwini’s aim to prove inherent gender and racial bias within face detection systems used by law enforcement. After a great research into the root causes of the above problems, According to me, “Coded Bias” serves as both a “wake-up call” for those who don’t yet realize how those methods are implemented and a “call to action” for implementing ubiquitous system with balanced and more generalized dataset.

The film was sparked by the work of Joy Buolamwini, who conducted facial recognition experiments using A.I. and had difficulty getting…

Tirth Patel

Data Science Graduate Student at University of Southern California

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